Children's Religious Education
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Religious Education (RE) is in person this summer except the second Sunday of each month which is a virtual service and virtual RE class. All students should attend the first part of service with their families, and then they will be sung off to class after the Story for all Ages. This summer we will have a one-room school house for ages 3 and older. Most of our summer lessons will be held outside so please dress your children accordingly and feel free to send a water bottle (please no juice or soda). Just a reminder that during the summer our RE classes end immediately following service. For more information, contact Director of RE Jennifer Weigand at

At Prairie Circle Unitarian Universalist Congregation (PCUUC), we offer a safe and supportive environment for your child to explore life and all of its facets. The children are supported by, and are an integral part of, a spiritual community that helps them define their own moral compass.


We believe in introducing ideas to youth, not indoctrinating them. We introduce ideas before ideologies, and allow them to find what resonates with them as individuals. We offer a space for children to build a spiritual foundation for themselves.


Our program emphasizes:

  • Building healthy relationships with one another

  • The importance of community

  • The interdependence of all life

  • World and neighboring faiths

  • Social justice


In addition to Religious Education on Sundays, we offer many other ways for families to be connected and involved. More information about what the children do during the service can be found in our FAQs.


We hope that your family will consider visiting our church to see if our community feels like the right spiritual home for you.       

Director of Religious Education

As the Director of Religious Education since March 2015, Jennifer Weigand is responsible for all facets of PCUUC’s Sunday morning Religious Education (RE) program for children. Look for Jennifer in the classroom during RE or up in front of the barn as she reads the Story for all Ages. She is always working to ensure the children and families experience excellent RE while continually building bridges within our multi-generational church community.

Jennifer brings 14 years of experience from the Children’s Learning Center at the College of Lake County where she was a classroom teacher. She has a degree in early childhood education and lives in Fox Lake with her two children, Kyla and Ashlyn. She has volunteered as a portrait photographer at the Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago. She is certified in CPR and first aid.

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Primary RE Teacher

Samantha grew up attending Sunday school in Christian churches, and her paternal grandfather was a pastor. He always spoke of how children are blessings. Sam volunteered in the children's ministry as a teenager, preferring to work with the kids and learn more than sitting though the sermon. Sam competed in swimming for over 10 years and taught lessons at 13. After graduating from high school, she coached for a bit while attending McHenry Community College and the University of Wisconsin. Currently, Sam is a caregiver during the week and loves the opportunity to work with the kids on Sundays.  

Curriculum -- SOUL MATTERS -- Sundays at 9am

Jennifer Weigand, DRE, and Sam Smith, RE Teacher, will lead our lessons for 5 yrs. old and older. Younger children may participate along with a parent to help facilitate. 


Supply bags will be for each family registered that will be used in lessons each month and delivered to your porch. The online lessons includes: short, active, experiential small group activities to build relationships and remain engaging. We understand children are already spending a lot of time online getting information handed to them, so RE will be leaning on 4 strategies to ensure compelling online interactive experiences:

● Simultaneous creation (i.e. online creative projects one can do on the screen with others)

● Science experiment-based lessons

● Treasure hunt approaches

● “Find ‘N Show” type approaches

And, of course, we will keep hunting for games that work well online. After all, spirituality without fun and silliness is, well, no fun at all! 

The monthly themes are: 

  • September – Renewal

  • October – Deep Listening

  • November – Healing

  • December – Stillness

  • January – Imagination

  • February – Beloved Community

  • March – Commitment

  • April – Becoming

  • May – Story

  • June – Play

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Linda Bowser is our primary Nursery Caretaker and is on leave while we meet virtually. She has been at PCUUC since 2014 and in the industry for over 20 yrs. Once kids turn 3, they move to the Pre-primary class. When we meet in-person, the Nursery is available starting at 8:45am on Sundays in the Charter School.