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Committees and Teams


Prairie Circle Unitarian Universalist Congregation is a community full of involved, engaged citizens. Our teams make up the fabric of our organization, both inside and outside of Sunday services. You need not be a Member of PCUUC to participate on a team. It is through the teams that PCUUC can offer a full menu of options to find your fit or stretch you from your comfort zone. 

Teams organize and implement various functions, activities and tasks throughout the church year.



The goals of Prairie Circle Unitarian Universalist Congregation (PCUUC) Children’s Religious Education program are to provide a place where children can: feel welcome and have a sense of belonging, explore religious ideas in an open-minded community, define and redefine their beliefs and ask questions. We hope to create an environment that respects and celebrates diversity while offering children opportunities to translate their ideals into actions.

Team Leaders: Mary Honegger & Sarah Grover


​This team was  formed in the fall of 2017 as a result of a June 2017 Annual Congregation Meeting decision.  The group was tasked with helping PCUUC navigate becoming certified as a Welcoming Congregation which was accomplished in September 2019.  We thank the team for contributing their time, interest and conviction and they can be identified with a rainbow chalice on their name tag. 

The team organized and facilitated a TRANS101 class held in 2018 and 2019. This was an important educational experience to support our status as a Welcoming Congregation and may be offered in the future. Resources from the class can be found below; however context is important.  You might wish to view this UUA webinar of similar content here.


Key content covered includes:

  • Various aspects of gender, including gender identity, gender expression, and biological sex, as separate from sexual and romantic attraction/orientation

  • The range of identities along all aspects of gender; gender is not binary!

  • Challenges and discrimination faced by the LGBTQ community, and the impact of intersecting identities

  • What we can do as a UU community to create a welcoming environment for LGBTQ people.


If you’d like the handouts from the class you can access them here:

The Genderbread Person 

LGBTQ  - Inclusive Language Dos and Don’ts

Tips for Transallies


The Committee's objective for 2020-2021 is help facilitate the annual re-certification process by working with worship to identify meaningful and topical speakers as well as continue to provide educational and discussion opportunities throughout the year.

Team Leaders: Open

Sunday Essentials

MEMBERSHIP TEAM - Committee Leader JD

The Membership Team Prairie Circle Unitarian Universalist Congregation (PCUUC) helps to enable and assist the congregation in growing and maintaining its membership base. It does this by facilitating new visitor greeters, relaying visitor information to the church administrator, following up with first-time visitors as well as absent visitors and members, maintaining the official registration of members, new member ceremonies and brunches, the UU101 Classes, Pathway to Membership classes and all activities relating to visitors.

Team Leader: Leo Wazlo Chair


MUSIC TEAM - Music Team JD

Music is an incredibly important part of the Prairie Circle Unitarian Universalist Congregation (PCUUC) worship experience.  Musicians performing on a range of musical instruments, as well as the PCUUC Choir are beloved aspects of the PCUUC community and worship.The Music Team supports the Choir Director and assists with the musical aspects of the worship service.To get involved or learn more about the PCUUC Choir or music selection during Sunday services, please contact us!  Joyce DeWitt is our PCUUC Choir Director and can be reached at 

Rehearsals are on Wednesdays at 7:15 from September to May in Libertyville.


The mission of the Worship Team is to provide services that are inspirational, intellectually challenging, and in keeping with Unitarian Universalist principles. The Worship Team members each take a month to be the liaison for services. The Worship Coordinator is the primary contact for putting the details together and supports the liaison as they wish.  As a team they establish themes and worship directions based on the needs of the community, review recent services, plan and create appropriate ritual services, assuring that the worship space is set up on Sunday mornings and interfacing with the Music Team to effectively integrate music into each service. 

Worship Coordinator and contact: Eric Foote


Each Sunday, the setup team creates the environment we all embrace.

Those interested to help on occasion or a regular basis should talk with Dave Bates or David Bozek.




In harmony with UU Principles, the Social Justice Committee strives for social, environmental, and economic justice within our church, in the community, and around the world with a commitment to the restoration of our planet and the quality of life for all its inhabitants. Congregational support toward fulfilling its mission takes the form of financial contributions and/or hands-on activities.

Financial Support 

Each month an organization is chosen to be part of the Shared Plate cycle.

Hands-On Support

Active participation in PCUUC Meet-Up, Lake County Green Congregations, Veterans Closet contributions, packing lunches for the needy, collecting school supplies and books, collecting recyclables, voter registration and assisting green card holders in the completion of applications to become legal citizens further enhance our goals.

Team Leaders: Jan Kirch, Tamara Wanshek and John Young

CARING TEAM - Committee Leader JD


Mission Statement

  • To offer nurturing, supportive assistance as needed while honoring requests and respecting the privacy of PCUUC members and friends.
  • To celebrate the joys and recognize significant milestones of PCUUC members and friends.

The Caring Team does this by:

  • Noting when Joys & Concerns are announced and followup if needed.
  • Facilitating meal delivery, transportation, and errands for members/friends in need.
  • Sending cards/notes in response to specific illnesses, injuries, hospitalization, and for milestone joys.
  • Participating in Worship Procedures such as Memorials, Baby Dedications, Chalice Decorations.
  • Researching, updating, and posting a Health Care & Counseling Resource List on the PCUUC website.

Click for Health Care & Counseling Resources


Team Leader: Fran Bates


The Social Events Team at Prairie Circle Unitarian Universalist Congregation (PCUUC) helps to foster the social life of the church.  In general, sub-Teams are organized by event.  The events are to bring church members and visitors together to socialize and build community. Additional details will be shared closer to the event. Team Chair is Deb Reinemann

Given our current virtual services and social distancing guidelines, this group is reimagining the possibilities.

Team Leader: Open

Administrative Teams

FINANCE TEAM - Team Leader JD 

The Finance Team  supports Sunday collection procedures and Fundraising events to ensure fiscally sound practices.


Annual Stewardship Forms are accessible thru the PCUUC Forms Page.


The Fundraising Team is currently led by Kala Wright, Board Member, and supported by Jason Grover and a few other congregants to organize.  All congregants are asked to consider what they might be able to offer for the auction individually or as a group.

The team is re-imagining the auction to be on-line and targeting February as the launch time frame. Net proceeds will be applied to the General Fund for 2020-2021 to reduce the budgeted shortfall.

Other traditional fundraisers are yet to be determined. If you'd like to organize something please contact the board.

NOMINATING TEAM -Committee Leader JD

The Nominating Committee is comprised of 4-6 members each serving a 2 yr. term.  The committee works with the Board to identify openings for the following church year and then seeks candidates considering: Member Status, Availability - minimal travel, Ability to in the area for the entity of the two year term, and Maintaining Balance on the Board in representing the PCUUC Community in whole.


Team Leader: Julie McCarthy


Read more about the Board here

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