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Ben Helmke- 7.18.21 "Empathy, the Engine of Democracy"

The purpose of this worship service is to challenge us all to recognize the seriousness of what we are facing and at the same time recognizing the gifts of power, strength and 21st century technology that are available to deal with these issues in a redeeming fashion.

David Bozek- 7.11.21 "Service Never Stops"

An overview and various examples from all over on thoughts and sayings about Service in all its forms

Paul Kendrick- 7.4.21

"Nine Days that Changed Dr. King and America" 

This relevant civil rights history can inform and inspire our deeds today to live our UU principles. 

Rev. Dr. Caroline Helsel - 6.20.21 "Serious Play: Play, Seriously" 

What does spirituality have to do with play? And how does play relate to the commitments we have to social justice? 

Rev. Tony Larsen - 6.13.21

"Stories, You Can Only Get Here from There" 

You know that old expression, "You can't get there from here"? Well, Tony's sermon suggests that maybe you can't even get HERE from there! That is, it is necessary to journey somewhere else before you can know where you already were. 

Andrew Grant-Thomas- 5.30.21

"Stories, Not Atoms:  Toward New Narratives of Race and Community"

A conversation about the power we have, collectively, to lift up and live into an altogether different story marked by multiracial belonging.

Rev. Denise Tracy - 5.23.21 The Story of the Seven Principles: In 1979 the first Women and Religion conference occurred. This is where the creation of the Seven Principles started.

Bruce Moon - 5.16.21 Somewhere, Somebody Knows the Answer: From time immemorial, stories, parables, proverbs, fables, and fairy tales have been used to convey essential truths about the human condition. Metaphoric stories carry potent messages that help people create and discover meaning in our lives.

Rev. Nelson Tate - 5.9.21 Who is Your Neighbor?: All of us live in neighborhoods but do we really know our neighbors? Not only should we know our neighbors but do we personally know the meaning of “neighbor”? 

Jimmy Baca - 5.2.21 La Resolana:  Explores the habit we have of using labels to shrink the meaning and value of human beings 

Maple Moeller 4.25.21 Undeniably authentic: the journey to transcend convention and become yourself when the world denies that possibility

Rev. Tony Larsen 4.18.21 I Speak for the Trees

Tamara Wanshek 4.13.21 Becoming Wiccan

Rev. Nicole C. Kirk 4.4.21 On the Brink—The Edge of Possibility

Mike Honegger 3.28.21 Vonnegut's Palm Sunday

Anne Clough 3.21.21 How Does Your Garden Grow?

Rev. Michael Carlson 3.14.21 Communal Commitment to Peace

Cathy Moon 3.7.21 Do Not Let Whiteness Get in the Way: Anti-Racism as a Spiritual Practice

Rev. Darrick Jackson 2.28.21 - Othering and Belonging

Rev. Denise Tracy 2.14.21 - True Love

Rev. Allison Farnum 2.7.21 - Beloved Community: A Work in Process

Rev. Dr. Nicole C. Kirk - 1.31.21 - Religion and Imagination

Joyce DeWitt, Bruce and Cathy Moon - 1.24.21 - A Poetry Service

Rev. Kyle Brooks - 1.17.21 - We've Been Here Before

Doug DeWitt - 1.10.21

Stepping off the Center Line: Art, Imagination, and Spirituality

Rev. Erin Walter - 1.3.21 - After the Fire, Build in the Clearing

Rev. Karl Watkins - 12.27.20 - You Shall Find a Blessing

Rev. Dr. Nicole C. Kirk - 12.24.20 - The Gift of the Magi

Rev. Dr. Valerie Bridgeman - 12.20.20 - Why Are You Squirming?

Anne Clough - 12.13.20 - Be Still

Rev. Dr. Nicole C. Kirk - 12.6.20 - The Gifts That We Bring

GRATEFUL: A Love Song to the World | Empty Hands Music | nimo feat. daniel nahmod

Rev. Michael Carlson - 11.29.20 - The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Fran Bates - 11.22.20 - When We Refuse to Heal

Rev. Erin Walter - 11.15.20 - The World's on Fire (And We Still Fall in Love)

Rev. Alan Taylor - 11.8.20 - Uncertain Healing

Cassis Harrison - 11.1.20 - How Empathy Helps Me Heal

Bhante Sujatha - 10.25.20

Deep Listening in Our Spiritual Journey

Susan Schreiber-DeVillez 10.18.20 - Listening to the Nature of Change

David Bozek 10.11.20 - Perspectives: Thought and Indepth Understanding

Ann Russo 10.4.20 - Listening as a Practice of Accountability

Rev. Tony Larsen 9.27.20 - Getting the Hell Out of Religion

Mike Honegger 9.20.20 - It's Time For Us to Atone

Dr. Rev. Nicole C. Kirk 9.13.20 - Becoming Spiritually Grounded

Elizabeth Keats  9.6.20 - Love or Fear: Two Bears, Two Boys and a Beach.

Steve King  8.30.20 - My Journey to a HBCU

Matthew Pargeter-Villarreal 8.23.20 - What Calls You Forward?

Jim Whitton 8.20.20

What I am Learning Now That I Finally Realize I Don't Know Anything

Linda Stolz 8.9.20 - Home

Jeanne Bishop 8.2.20

Across the Divide: The Transforming Power of Forgiveness & Reconciliation