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November Worship Theme

Our November worship services will focus on the theme of forgiveness. What might seem, at first blush, a simple concept is, in reality, incredibly complex. Who is forgiveness for—the perpetrator or the victim? Why do people choose to--or refuse to--forgive? Is forgiveness always the best action to take? Is it possible to forgive the unforgivable? Who deserves forgiveness? What is the relationship between forgiveness and justice? What role do empathy, reconciliation, and restorative practices play in relation to forgiveness? Can we—and should we always—forgive ourselves? What guidance do spiritual and faith traditions provide in the face of that which is difficult to forgive? These are some of the questions we will grapple with as we explore the concept of forgiveness.

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November 17th - All Family Service

Forgiveness is a Matter of the Heart

Reverend Nelson Tate

Nelson Tate is a licensed, ordained, associate minister at the First Corinthian Baptist Church in North Chicago, IL where he serves as a worship leader and conducts leadership training for the church’s Men’s Ministry. He has studied at Trinity Evangelical Seminary in Deerfield, IL and Wesley Seminary in Marion, IN.


Reverend Tate also has 30 years of experience in the insurance industry.  He founded and is president and CEO of Trinity Insurance and Financial Consulting, Inc., a multi-line, independent brokerage agency licensed in IL and WI.


Nelson will explain how forgiveness is one of the most difficult emotions we will experience but also one of the most rewarding experiences we can have.


Service Leader: Mary Honegger

November 24th - All Family Service

Confession, Reparation, and Forgiveness: A Community Ritual

Cathy Moon

This service will engage us in a collective exploration of the significance of confession and restorative practices in our personal and communal lives. Through a brief sermon, followed by a community ritual, we will reflect together on the concepts of confession, reparation, and the possibility of forgiveness.

Cathy Moon is a Professor in the Art Therapy Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and an author, artist, and art therapist. Her current practice is focused on cultivating inclusivity and stigma reduction through a community-based art studio in Chicago, and collaboratively training artists and counselors in East Africa to become paraprofessional arts therapists for vulnerable children. Cathy’s educational background includes a master’s degree from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio. She spent many years church shopping before finding her spiritual home at PCUUC.

Service Leader: Jason Grover

December 1st

It's Tough When It's Rough at Christmas

Bruce Moon

Bruce L. Moon, Ph.D. is professor emeritus of art therapy at Mount Mary University.

He is a painter, and singer/songwriter and author of eleven books and numerous articles on art therapy.

This is the first Sunday of Advent, traditionally a time of hope and preparation. And yet, for many, it is also the beginning of a season of trepidation, as mixed feelings about consumerism mingle with religious traditions.  This service will look to an unlikely place for lessons of hope, reconciliation, and relationship.

Service Leader: Lynn Hepler

December 8th

Rev. Dr. Nicole C. Kirk

Nicole Kirk is the Schulman Professor of Unitarian Universalist History at Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago and a Unitarian Universalist minister. Prior to her doctoral studies she served congregations in Ohio and New Jersey. Nicole grew up as a Unitarian Universalist in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has a Doctor of Ministry, and a Ph.D. in American Religious History from Princeton Theological Seminary. Her book “Wanamaker’s Temple: Business and Religion in the Wanamaker Department Store” published from NYU Press in 2018.

Service Leader: PennySue McKenzie

December 15th

Rev. Tony Larsen

Rev. Dr. Tony Larsen recently retired from ministering at Olympia Brown UU Church in Racine, Wisconsin (after 42 years--a record!). Tony studied to be a Catholic priest before he switched to the UU ministry and has written a book entitled "Trust Yourself: You Have the Power" (Impact Publishers, 1979); authored a UUA curriculum called "A Catechism for Unitarian Universalists" (1988); and contributed chapters to 2 Skinner House books, "Salted With Fire" and "Everyday Spiritual Practice."

Service Leader: Tamara Wanshek

December 24th - All Family Christmas Eve Service

Rev. Denise Tracy

Our guest minister, Rev. Denise Tracy, lives in Elgin, IL with her husband, Bill Decker and son, Kyle. She was ordained in 1974 and has had ministries on a college campus, in a parish, as a UUA executive, as a consultant, and as an interim minister. She is a chaplain with the Elgin Police Department. She won the 2014 MLK Humanitarian Award from the City of Elgin’s Human Relations Commission for her work on the Elgin, City of Peace. She is a tutor at a middle school and part of The Alignment Collaborative for Education, a new way of harnessing resources to give every child a fair chance at a bright future.

Service Leader: Mike Honegger


November 10th

Identity, Politics and Forgiveness

Thad Smith

Thad will encourage us to consider our identities and how they affect our lives and political discourse. He will blend discussion of personal experience with insight gained from books and podcasts before concluding that forgiveness may actually be a solution worth considering.

Thad (He/Him) developed his identity and perspectives on life in America by growing up in suburban New Jersey with his college professor mother and in rural Eastern Oregon with his cattle rancher father. After serving in the Marine Corps, he settled in Grayslake with his wife and two children. Thad works at AbbVie, volunteers as a board member at Community Health, the nation's largest free clinic, and occasionally blogs on life and politics at

Service Leader: PennySue McKenzie

November 3rd

Forgiving others, Accepting Forgiveness and Forgiving your self.

Rev. Jackie Lynn

We have experienced unbelievable ways that forgiveness has happened i.e. Charleston Emanuel Church, or more recently in Texas, those witnesses are powerful. Yet each of us has examples when we accepted forgiveness from others or forgave others. Maybe the hardest thing to do is to forgive ourselves.

Reverend Lynn currently serves as the Executive Director of ElderCare, a volunteer organization devoted to helping seniors age in place. She has devoted her professional career to non-profit management and community organizing, serving previously as the Ministries Associate and Deacon at St. James Cathedral and as the Executive Director of The National Episcopal Peace Fellowship.

Service Leader: Candice Lutz

October 27th

Nature as a Mystical Doorway to the Divine

Philip Chard

Long before the dawn of the faith traditions we know today, humans cultivated a deep mystical connection with the divine through ceremonial interactions with the natural world. Today, nature mysticism incorporates a variety of contemplative practices that access the wisdom of the ancients and their Earth-based spiritual rituals, using these experiences to help those seeking transcendence. We will explore the unique power of the natural world to induce mystical states and cultivate spiritual growth.

After 32 yrs. as President and CEO, Philip recently retired from Empathia, Inc., a behavioral services firm providing health, safety and productivity solutions for over 400 organizations across N.A. He remains a practicing psychotherapist who, for over 34 yrs., wrote an award-winning weekly column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel titled "Out of My Mind,” now published in the Shepherd Express. Philip is author of The Healing Earth, which won the Midwest Publishers Award, and Nature’s Ways. His next book, which is a compilation of his newspaper columns, is due out later this year. Philip has been a guest expert on ABC’s 20/20, has presented at the Brookings Institution among many other venues, and has keynoted dozens of national conferences. Also, he is a consultant to the Center for Healthy Minds, a world class neuroscience research program at the UW-Madison that studies the constituents of well-being. Previously, he was Director of Behavioral Science Education at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine, where he was an associate professor and received the Outstanding Faculty Award.

Service Leader: Jason Grover

October 20th - Multi-generational Service

The Soul of the Environmental Movement

Rev. Brian Sauder

Reverend Sauder will talk about the environmental movement broadly and our role in it as people of faith.

Rev. Sauder serves Faith in Place out of the Chicago office as the President & Executive Director. The entrepreneurial vision and confident leadership of Rev. Sauder is exponentially growing the impact of Faith in Place’s mission to empower people of all faiths across Illinois to be leaders for cleaner environments and healthier communities.

Service Leader: PennySue McKenzie

October 13th

Soul, Spirituality, Religion and Us

Mike Merritt

Three concepts that permeate our UU life are soul, spiritually and religion. How are they related? How should we contemplate these ideas?

Mike Merritt has a PhD in Political Philosophy with an emphasis in American Government. He is currently teaching political science and philosophy courses after retiring from a career in the Federal Government.

Service Leader: Lynn Hepler

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