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Sunday Worship Services at PCUUC - 9:00 AM

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About Sunday Services


Worship Services are the cornerstone of Prairie Circle Unitarian Universalist Congregation. Services are offered every Sunday at 9:00am in the main sanctuary of the Byron Colby Barn. Directions here.


The mission of Worship at PCUUC is to provide services that are inspirational, intellectually challenging, and in keeping with the 7 Unitarian Universalist principles.


Great worship services affect our hearts, minds, and hands - they move us emotionally, teach us, and inspire us to take action. Although we are all touched by different experiences, PCUUC strives to offer an assortment of worship experiences that appeal to the range of personalities within our congregation, and across a range of theological perspectives.


PCUUC, currently a lay-led congregation, provides services offered by members, academics, guest ministers from various Unitarian Universalist churches, the local UU seminary and theological professionals from other faiths. They utilize their skills and viewpoints to speak to social, spiritual and religious topics. Recent speakers include members of the congregation, an art therapist, and two UU ministers. Speakers address spiritual implications of topics for the individual and the community.

Summer Worship Notes:

During the summer months, Prairie Circle UUC does not prescribe specific speaking themes, instead using these weeks to hear about a variety of topics from our speakers. Regular monthly themes, drawing on important ideas embodied in our Seven Principles, will resume in September.

2019-2020 September-May Religious and Spiritual Worship Themes

September – Ritual
October – Soul
November – Forgiveness 
December – Mystery
January – Reincarnation
February – Grace
March – Faith
April – Karma
May – Sin

As is tradition, summer services are non-thematic allowing a more open forum for services that are addressed in a single service.  If may reach the worship committee at to join, provide feedback or ask questions.

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