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Chalice Challenge - Those that might be interested ...... (reprinted from 3.12.20 eWeekly)
I, as Church Admin at PCUUC. belong to several UU Facebook groups to support me in my Church Admin Role.  In one group, RevCyn gave permission for us to share some of her Zentangle Patterns.  So with her spark of creativity I present a Chalice Challenge. All ages may submit their creations and I’ll share on our FaceBook page.  Send to Office@PrairieCircleUUC.org and let me know if you want to be tagged or just submit.  If you wish her book is available at http://www.lulu.com/shop/cynthia-landrum/filling-the-chalice-coloring-meditations/paperback/product-23252484.html
What is Zentangle?
The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns called tangles.
How do you make a Zentangle pattern?
For this challenge, the approach would include drafting an outline in the shape of YOUR Chalice vision and then fill in sections with patterns or shapes: circles, dots, arcs, squiggles, lines, zigzags, connected ribbons and such.  I found a pencil helpful to start with and you can use different widths.  You can smudge an area if you choose to do and even followup with color if you want. Here's a quick resource with patterns.  The Adult coloring label is overstated - all ages can enjoy:  https://www.justcolor.net/diy/zentangle-tutorials/zentangle-exercises-for-beginners/

Kindness Rocks https://inspirekindness.com/blog/rock-painting
These were made by Ashlyn W. - if you are inspired to make any share a picture to the office or in our Facebook group.

You might be asking yourself, what the heck is a kindness rock anyway? A kindness rock, sometimes called a kindness stone, is simply a rock that someone has taken and decorated with an inspirational message. Any size or shape. The point of these is to sprinkle positivity around your community. Once you paint a rock,  leave it somewhere for another person to find and enjoy. As we all know, sometimes a simple message of kindness can spark joy and brighten someone's entire day. 

  1. Find your desired rock. Clean it with soap and water. 

  2. Once the rock is dry, paint the top with a base coat of paint. 

  3. When the base coat is dry, add a fun design, or write a positive note like, "You Matter" on each one. 

  4. Allow the design to dry completely, and then seal the rock to protect your design.

  5. Spread kindness by leaving the rock in a place for someone else to find.

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