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Welcome to Prairie Circle 


Welcome! We are glad you are here and would love to introduce ourselves to you. PCUUC is a spiritual community of folks from all walks of life. We are a group of people who enjoy being together and growing spiritually, in whatever way that means to each individual.


Please take your time getting to know us through our website.


Below is a list of FAQs that new visitors find helpful.

Who Attends?

PCUUC welcomes members, friends, and new visitors who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, Buddhist, Wiccan, atheists, agnostics, humanists, skeptics, couples, singles, families, gay, lesbian, and transgender people from all walks of life.

Will I Be Welcome?

Not everyone identifies with binary and assumed gender pronouns of he/him or she/her. An increasingly common alternative among individuals who don't identify as exclusively male or female is the singular "they." We're accustomed to using they/them pronouns when referring to a person in a non-gender specific way. Use of pronouns is a way to acknowledge and respect a person's identity. We should never assume a person's pronouns. Nor should we single out certain individuals to ask about pronouns. To create a more inclusive environment for everyone at PCUUC, we invite all members and visitors to use pronoun stickers on their name tags available on Sundays in the back.

When are Services?

Worship services at PCUUC are on Sunday mornings at 9:00am. Our typical schedule includes a virtual service (on Zoom) on the second Sunday of the month. Our in-person services (which can also be viewed on Zoom) are held in the main sanctuary of the Byron Colby Barn, 1561 Jones Point Road in Grayslake, Illinois. See also our Contact Page.


If you would like to join us 

What Should I Wear?

​Most members dress casually, but some choose to dress up. Children may be involved in art projects. Wear whatever is most comfortable for you.

What Happens When I Arrive?

When you enter the barn, you will be greeted by a greeter. You may be invited to complete a Visitor Sign-In sheet at some time during your visit. Make yourself at home. Restrooms are located in the back. Please help yourself to coffee or tea found in the kitchen.

What Takes Place During the Service?

Unitarian Universalism is unique in that its members are joined by common values, rather than religious creed. Services can be quite varied, with topics including spiritual growth, social issues of our day, exposure to a wide variety of faiths, and the great mysteries of life. Services contain music, a children's story, hymns, readings, and a sermon. More about Worship.

What Do Children Do?

The short answer is: It Depends! We offer Nursery Care for infants and children up to age 3. Some families take their children to the Nursery before service. Nursery is offered in the nearby Comstock Building of the Prairie Crossing Charter School beginning at 8:45am.Some parents send their children to the Nursery following the children's story, known as the Story for All Ages. Older children (ages 3+) remain in the barn with their parents until after the Story for All Ages. The Congregation sings them out to Religious Education classes at this time. Parents are welcome to escort their children to classes as well. More about Children's Religious Education. You do not need to be members to send your children to Religious Education. After 3 visits, we will ask you to fill out a registration form. Some families keep their children with them for the entire service. Do whatever is most comfortable for your family.

While we meet remotely, Children's RE is offered at 11am.  Families are encouraged to attend the service at 9am.  Many families have chosen to participate in a pre-recorded chalice lighting or extinguishing of the flame.  

What Happens After Service?

​We invite you to stay following the service for coffee and conversation. This is an informal gathering, and an opportunity to inquire about PCUUC and the life of our church community.

During virtual services there are optional breakout rooms - one to discuss the sermon and one for socializing. The service leader will guide the congregation in the process each week.

What Do Members Say About PCUUC?

​Hear what some members have shared about their experience about PCUUC and some insight to their decision to join by clicking here.

What Does our Logo Mean?

​Read about the origins of PCUUC's Logo here.

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