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Pledge Form

Use this form to indicate how you'd like to support PCUUC with your Pledge Commitment for 2022-2023.

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Direct Debit Program

Use this form to have PCUUC debit your bank account each month for a specific amount of money. You may select to pay your pledge this way, add an additional amount for shared basket or donate an amount in full for the organization of the month. Talk to the office if you'd like to support other funds as well.

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2022-2023 Volunteer Stewardship Form

Use this form to tell us how you'd like to volunteer and support the activities and Sunday services of PCUUC for the next fiscal year. We ask people to reaffirm their areas of interest and/or commit to new areas of interest. Please return by May 31st. Printable Paper Version

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Non-Cash Donation

Use this form if you make a non-cash donation and would like a record of it.  Download the form, print, and ask a Board member to sign it.

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Use this form to file for reimbursement for a budgeted PCUUC item(s). In many cases the office can facilitate an online purchase. Use the tax exempt certificate for purchases. Committee chairs and a Board member need to sign forms before submitted to the office for payment.

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Conflict Resolution

Here is our Covenant of Right Relations

Conflict Resolution Policy is here. Use this form to file a conflict within PCUUC asking for additional support to facilitate a resolution between the parties.

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Congregant Care Fund Brochure & Application

This is to be used by anyone needing to file a CCF application. Return the completed form and copies of receipts to the CCF Trustee, Sean Smetana, place in the basket in an envelope or mail to PCUUC, Attn: CCF Trustee, PO Box 858, Grayslake, IL 60030.

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Use this certificate to purchase budgeted items on behalf of PCUUC and used for PCUUC. Please put these purchases on a separate receipt. This documentation waives paying taxes on your PCUUC purchase. 

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Photo Release

Use this form if you participate in an off-site event this form would normally be used. The list should be forwarded to the office and then a tag will be added to your account in BREEZE. Part of RE registration includes a waiver for use of images. Children's names are not used. For an all-church event, pictures are taken and often posted to our church site, sometimes Facebook.  

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Procedure for Childcare and Space Request

Please read PCUUC's Procedure for securing space or childcare on Sundays. Currently, we are not meeting in person.

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Childcare and Space Request Form
for Onsite events

At this point in time, extended childcare may be arranged if staffing is available and event budgeted. Social events are not included at this time as determined by RE Committee and the Board. Complete form if needed. Currently, we are not meeting in person.

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Adult Field Trip Waiver Form for Offsite events

Please download and complete form for any non-barn special events that are field trips. Currently we are not hosting field trips.

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