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Prairie Circle Unitarian Universalist Congregation (PCUUC) is proud of its current Church Board. The following excerpt from the PCUUC bylaws provides an overview of the role of the Board in the overall congregation.


The management of the affairs of the church, unless otherwise addressed in these bylaws, shall be vested in the Church Board. The Church Board shall provide support to the minister(s) and staff, and will provide assistance and direction for the ministry of the church.

The Church Board shall create standing committees to include but not be limited to: Religious Education, Membership, Social Action, Worship, Finance, and Committee on Ministry. The Church Board will affirm chairpersons for these committees upon recommendations from each committee. The Church Board must reaffirm these chairpersons annually.

The Church Board shall recommend to the church membership what it believes to be appropriate positions on matters reserved to the membership for decision.

The Church Board shall guarantee freedom of the pulpit.

The Church Board shall strive to manage the finances of the church consistently with the budget approved by the membership.

  2020 - 2021 Board - as of 12/8/20  Board@PrairieCircleUUC.org
Jim Whitton - President
PCUUC Board President
Lucinda Smetana - VP
Joyce DeWitt - Treasurer
PCUUC Treasurer
Cassie Harrison - Secretary
PCUUC Board Secretary
Kala Wright - Trustee
PCUUC Board Trustee
John Young - Trustee
PCUUC Board Trustee
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December 8th Town Hall Meeting

Listen to Jim Whitton and Joyce DeWitt to the right. All pre-submitted

questions were answered as Jim and Joyce presented. During Q&A

people asked the following inquiries:

Q. How do I make a contribution to the Congregant Care Fund?

A. You can select Congregant Care Fund from the pulldown menu at


     or mail a check to our mailbox: P.O. Box 858, Grayslake, IL 60030.

Q. Where does the 13th Month Contributions get applied?

A.  General Fund.  You can however donate your 13th Month Donation

     as you wish by identifying it as such on the memo line or in comments

     with your online donation https://pcuuc.breezechms.com/give/online

Q. How much did PCUUC receive from the PPP loan?

A. $9,441 (we expect to file for this to be forgiven)

November 12th eWeekly and November 13th Committee Council email


COVID-19 positivity rates have been on the rise in NE IL Region 9 (including Lake County) for several weeks. To continue to promote the health and safety of our congregants and friends, the PCUUC Board has decided to temporarily suspend all PCUUC sponsored in-person events and activities (to include committee and small group meetings) until further notice. 

We are all aware that COVID-19 positivity rates have increased significantly in NE IL Region 9 over the past several weeks. The Governor is taking a number of mitigation actions and has mentioned a possible, modified, stay home order if conditions do not improve rapidly. 


The Board reviewed the local data closely and has decided it is best to temporarily suspend all PCUUC in-person events/activities until at such times these conditions improve and stabilize.   


We believe few, if any, groups are meeting in-person, but feel a formal message to the Committee Council is advised.  

Contact Board@prairiecircleuuc.org if you have any questions.  "See you" January 17th!

October 13th, 2020

At its meeting on October 13th, the PCUUC Board decided to continue with virtual Worship and Religious Education (RE) services through March 2021. 
In anticipation of the possible reopening of in-person services after March 2021, the Board will begin working an in-person reopening plan for review by the Worship and Religious Education teams.  The plan will need to include consideration of continuing a virtual option for those congregants, friends and guests who may not yet be comfortable returning to services in-person.  Consideration will also be given to the possibility that limited worship services could reopen earlier but religious education classes may need to remain virtual for a longer period of time.    
The Board also wishes to reassure the congregation that if local conditions after March 2021 still present too great a risk, we will remain in a virtual mode longer.  The health, safety and welfare of our congregants, friends and guests is our first and foremost priority.  We have spoken to our points of contact at both the Charter School and the Barn and have their support.


The approved Goal #3: The 2020-2021 Board recommends that the 2021-2022 Board initiate conversation with Bryon Colby LLC/ Liberty Prairie Foundation regarding usage of the barn. Depending on that outcome, the Board should consider drafting an executable goal for PCUUC post 2023.

Next Board meeting is November 10th at 7:15pm.  Anyone who wishes to join the meeting should email the Office@prairiecircleuuc.org by Friday November 6th. 

September 8, 2020 - additional details will be posted in the minutes

The Board met September 8th and approved two goals for 2020-2021


GOAL 1 for 2020-2021:  Support the health and safety of all congregants, their children, friends and guests by engaging in periodic reviews of current COVID-19 pandemic conditions and ensuring in-person services, RE and other related congregational activities resume only after extensive evidence based analysis indicates this can be done so with an absolute minimum of health risk.  If/when this time occurs, the PCUUC Board will work closely with the Worship and RE teams to insure in person services and RE activities resume in a safe and orderly manner taking into full account all applicable State, local, and CDC guidelines. 


GOAL 2 for 2020-2021:  Revitalize the Committee Council with the objectives of promoting both committee and small group communication exchange with the PCUUC Board and across all PCUUC committees and groups.  The PCUUC Board will convene the Committee Council quarterly; however the Committee Council can determine a different schedule if all parties agree beginning in September 2020.  Agendas will be committee centered and focused on information sharing in order to build a greater sense of collaboration and community.

In addition, back up procedures for RE, Worship and Administration continue to be researched and discussed with the appropriate committees. The Board will next meet October 13th.  Let the office know if you would like to participate by Friday the 9th to receive meeting access.


August 11, 2020


Recently, several PCUUC small groups requested permission to hold meetings in-person under guidelines laid out in the Restore IL Plan, Phase 4.  The PCUUC Board met on Tuesday, August 11 and decided that effective immediately PCUUC Committee and Small Groups of may meet in person but also must ensure compliance with the following guidelines:

  1. Handwashing facilities and hand sanitizers must be readily available at the meeting location.

  2. Weather permitting, meetings should be held outdoors as to provide maximum air circulation.

  3. All in-person meeting members must ensure a minimum of six feet separation between attendees in accordance with CDC guidelines

  4. All in-person attendees must wear face coverings when the required social distancing is not possible

The host and all attendees must take personal responsibility for compliance with the above standards.

Finally, PCUUC Committees and Small Groups wishing to hold in-person meetings must provide a virtual option for all members who wish to participate in the meeting but are not comfortable attending in person. 

If local COVID-19 pandemic conditions should change significantly resulting in a State or local decision to revert NE IL back Phase to 3 or less, the Board will immediately reconsider this decision and send out further guidance.

Please note that the Board and the office will continue to support and utilize virtual options thru the church Zoom account.  Those options continue to be supported and facilitated thru the office for all PCUUC groups and committees.  Contact Dawn at office@prairiecircleuuc.org for assistance.


July 14, 2020

The Board met to discuss the Fall plan for our PCUUC congregation.  Making a decision now assists in planning ahead for both RE and Worship.

In consultation with both the Religious Education (RE) and Worship Committees (WC), the PCUUC Board decided that PCUUC will continue virtual worship services through December 31, 2020, to insure the continued safety of our congregants, friends and guests. In November 2020, with continued input from the RE and WC teams, the Board will conduct another review based on current data and circumstances. If local analysis indicates conditions have changed considerably, the PCUUC Board reserves the right to conduct an earlier relook.  

We welcomed Joyce DeWitt as our new Treasurer as Joan needed to step down for personal reasons.

In August, the Board will be discussing the possibility of small groups meeting. They would be part of the process of  establishing safe guidelines and provide some framework for the discussion.

Please reach out to the Board at any time if you have questions, concerns, additional input etc.  We meet again August 11th.


If you would like to log into the Board Meeting August 11th at 7:15pm or present something for the Board to consider; email the office by Friday August 7th to have the meeting information sent.


June 30, 2020


The combined outgoing/incoming PCUUC Boards met to discuss in-person reopening of PCUUC Committee/Group meetings, worship services, RE activities and the Annual Picnic.


  • Although the Restore IL Plan, Phases 3 and 4 allow for small in person committee/group meetings following CDC social distancing guidelines, the PCUUC Board strongly recommends that PCUUC Committee and small group meetings continue to be done virtually to provide opportunity for all members to participate and eliminate any possible risk of exposure.

  • The PCUUC Board decided to continue virtual worship services through August/September 2020. The Board will meet July 14th and would like to determine a longer plan to incorporate Worship's July 9th discussion from their monthly meeting along with the input provided from RE. Stay tuned. 

  • The PCUUC Board agreed to cancel the PCUUC Annual Picnic scheduled for September 2020.  The Board is open to virtual alternatives to the picnic.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Board@PrairieCircleUUC.org


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