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Prairie Circle Unitarian Universalist Congregation (PCUUC) is proud of its current Church Board. The following excerpt from the PCUUC bylaws provides an overview of the role of the Board in the overall congregation.


The management of the affairs of the church, unless otherwise addressed in these bylaws, shall be vested in the Church Board. The Church Board shall provide support to the minister(s) and staff, and will provide assistance and direction for the ministry of the church.

The Church Board shall create standing committees to include but not be limited to: Religious Education, Membership, Social Action, Worship, Finance, and Committee on Ministry. The Church Board will affirm chairpersons for these committees upon recommendations from each committee. The Church Board must reaffirm these chairpersons annually.

The Church Board shall recommend to the church membership what it believes to be appropriate positions on matters reserved to the membership for decision.

The Church Board shall guarantee freedom of the pulpit.

The Church Board shall strive to manage the finances of the church consistently with the budget approved by the membership.

  2020 - 2021 Board - as of 12/8/20  Board@PrairieCircleUUC.org
Jim Whitton - President
PCUUC Board President
Lucinda Smetana - VP
Joyce DeWitt - Treasurer
PCUUC Treasurer
Cassie Harrison - Secretary
PCUUC Board Secretary
Kala Wright - Trustee
PCUUC Board Trustee
John Young - Trustee
PCUUC Board Trustee
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Small Group Gathering Guidelines - approved 4.13.21 subject to local conditions as of May 1st. 
March 30th Town Hall

Jim, Board President, extended a huge thanks to all that have made adjustments and offered their talents to navigate this past year which allowed us to remain connected.  He told us:

  • Karen Epps will be PCUUC’s new Church Administrator starting April 19th as Dawn retires April 30th. Karen can be contacted at office@prairiecircleuu.org

  • The Board will revisit small group gathering guidelines at the next Board meeting and provide further guidance on the possible reopening of in-person small group meetings, but please know the Board has the health and safety of every congregant in mind first and foremost.  We are deeply grateful for your patience and support as we continue to make these challenging decisions.   In the meantime, please remember THIS.

  • Next Fiscal Year Rentals

    • PCUUC has an agreement for the Barn with a targeted in-person service for September 12th. We will continue virtually until then.

    • Starting in October through June we will worship VIRTUALLY as a congregation on the 2nd Sunday of the month. This addresses two primary objectives:

      • Maintain our virtual connections for those not able to visit in-person. There will not be an in-person option those Sundays.

      • Many congregants have expressed joy in hearing from Speakers beyond our Grayslake circumference.  Offering a regular virtual service, allows us to continue tapping into that flexibility.

    • Jim and Lucinda will reach out shortly to the Charter School to navigate options for in-person RE this fall in conjunction with the RE committee.

Eric, Worship Coordinator, highlighted Worship’s intentional focus on themes that mirror that of RE’s use of Souls Matter Curriculum, offering more Diverse Speakers many of which tap into Social Justice matters, and adding service elements to engage the congregation and be more inclusive.  He encouraged members to share feedback and ideas for services.

Joyce, Board Treasurer, shared a financial snapshot for our current fiscal year ending June 30th and next fiscal year beginning July 1st.

  • Due to reduced expenses (no rent for barn, school or choir rehearsal and wages for some staff on pause as their responsibilities were not a match for virtual services), securing a PPP Loan and the Congregation largely fulfilling their pledges we are financially sound for this fiscal year. Due to these changes we project ending the year with a positive balance.

  • The proposed 2021-2022 Budget is based on a combined virtual or in-person church year, adds back in a fundraising account line, adjusts the incoming Board Trustee role to assume financial responsibilities and thus reduces those of the Church administrator and assumes a continued generous pledge foundation. This however still results in a negative balance.  The Board is strongly considering proposing a congregational vote to tap into our Contingency Reserve Fund to balance the budget. We appreciate the foresight and generosity of those that came before us in building a strong PCUUC foundation. Our hope is to build on that for our continued future grow.

Recording can be found here.


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