Social Justice/Welcoming Congregation
Some of our ongoing Social Justice initiatives, a cornerstone of UU life.

February 9th over 40 people viewed Suppressed: The Fight to Vote at PCUUC. 

Action Partners to Getting the Vote Out

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Shared Collection Basket

Every Sunday, non-pledge donations in the basket collection will be split between the selected agency and the general operating fund for PCUUC.  Donations may be identified via the memo line or cash envelopes if desired.  In 2018-2019, $7,899 was collected and distributed.

Styrofoam Collections

Styrofoam Drop Off - Save and Drop-off January 9th

The next Styrofoam drop off will take place on January 9th between 10am and 12pm at the home of John and Judi Young, in Mundelein Il. If possible the clean Styrofoam should be placed in plastic bags to facilitate transportation. The garage door will be open and the Styrofoam should be placed inside the garage.  FYI - In November there were 3 carloads of Styrofoam that John dropped at Swalco in HP - PCUUC certainly making a difference.

In-Kind Collections

Through out the year, various collections will be identified by SJC and often coincide with the agency receiving the shared basket for the month. Three that standout include:

  1.  Midwest Veteran's Closet needs household, seasonal clothing and small appliances. PCUUC did a collection for winter gear early November.  You can drop off directly, though call beforehand to check current donation guidelines.

  2. Home of the Sparrow is supported by the funds raised at Sparrow's Nest (multiple locations) accepts household, clothing, small appliances, bedding and some furniture. Large newer appliances can be accepted and picked up as well.  Go to the website for more details and call beforehand to check current guidelines.

  3. Oakdale school supplies and gift cards for teachers.  This is usually a July/August effort. Our 2020 effort was donating direct.

Citizenship Workshops

Located in Waukegan, HACES' mission is to strengthen the lives of immigrants through quality programs and services assisting individuals to restore their self-confidence by closing education, language, and cultural gaps between clients and the larger community. Their work helps to defray the cost for citizenship application for single parents and aiding in the completion of application paperwork.


PCUUC members have been volunteering at HACES aiding in the completion of application paperwork since 2013.

HACES (Hispanic American Community Education and Services) 820 W Greenwood Ave. Waukegan IL 60087                                     

Tel. 847.244.0300  Contact Founder and CEO - Maria Elena Jonas at    

Green Tips - Shared by Social Justice Committee


Fall and Winter Seasonal Links:


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Spring/Summer Seasonal Tips:

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Ongoing links of interest:


Flush Responsibly


Pharmaceutical Disposal Sites for drop-off at local Police Stations


Household Goods and Textiles - Options for Donating


Recycling Resources from Lake County Green Congregations

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