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As someone who was brought up without any type of religion or spirituality, I found myself craving to fill that void that grew as I became a young adult. I found the 7 principles and mindset of the UU community truly filled that void.  Given the lack of doctrine, I found that though different UU congregations have much in common each has its own distinct "personality". I stayed because as my life took a difficult, challenging change, this congregation quickly became my spiritual home. The fact that it is smaller than other churches made it easier to get to know members as they came and went. Regardless of whatever else is happening in my life, I can choose to fill my spiritual needs in a place I've never had. It is a lot like the show "Cheers; where everyone knows your name!" Even if I need to attend to other things for awhile the door is always open and Matt or Dave will give you a hymnal and a warm greeting that makes me forget any negativity and I leave filled with hope and true happiness that I am a member of this growing, wonderful congregation that has given me so much more than I can ever return but I keep on trying!


Member since 2014

We enjoy our warm community, with the opportunities for discussion about important ideas. The message we receive is one of tolerance and acceptance of all.  We pledge because the money goes to having the best speakers, supporting social action concerns, and providing religious education for our children.

Mike & Sally

Member since 2004

What I most enjoy about Prairie Circle is the music, the eclectic variety of sermons, and the holistic approach of Religious Education curricula for my sons.

I came to Prairie Circle in 2010 to attend the services and sing in the choir. I stay at PCUUC for my sons to attend the RE program and the unique social experience worship services provide: combining messages of social activism and the environment which parallel my career in mental health and my spirituality.


Member since 2010

I belong to PCUUC because of:

  • Total acceptance of spiritual beliefs

  • The 7 UU principles

  • Encouragement to question and search for truth

  • Respect for various points of view

  • Opportunities to be involved in personal interests, at whatever level


Member since 2007

We started attending PCUUC because of our own belief in the 7 UU principles; we later realized we became members because of the community. PCUUC is like no other religious organization we have been exposed to. We both grew up Lutheran Christian, but never really felt that we were fulfilled or belonged there. Neither of us really saw ourselves as belonging to any religious community or practice, though we are both very spiritual and philosophical. We happened upon UUism and attended a few services at different congregations. We have never felt more welcomed and free to be ourselves and share our beliefs.  I think in the end, though, we decided to become members of PCUUC because of the wonderful Religious Education program and because we had so much in common and really clicked with the other parents.  We love all of the social events, such as dinners, game nights, picnics, café and diner meet-ups, cook-offs, auctions, special adult Religious Education classes and so on. It's such a caring place to help get through the hard times and celebrate the good things in our life. They're there even when family isn't when we really need them for emotional support and an extra hand doing something we are having difficulty with.

One of the things about PCUUC that we love is that we get such a wonderful range of topics and perspectives.  We are funded and organized by ourselves only, which means each of us really is an irreplaceable part PCUUC. The conversations are abundant and open minded.  From the start, we felt like our opinions and contributions to discussions and conversations were valued. Everything is so genuine and personal, you feel like you really get to know people, even if you aren't ready to share yourself yet. Weekly sharing of joys and concerns really brings the community together and fosters the spirit of our shared lives. Everyone is so kind in the congregation. It really inspires me to be the best version of myself throughout the week and I can't wait to come back and soak in all the positivity.

Erin & Eric

Members since 2014

We have found a home here- a place full of kind, loving, accepting people who share our core beliefs. PCUUC belongs to each of its members. We pledge to make sure that its resources are here for us and others now and in the future.

Mary & Mike

Members since 2010

I first came to PCUUC over five years ago because I was invited by a neighbor and I returned because I enjoyed that first visit. I was made to feel welcome and was impressed by many elements of the service. I've stayed because of what I've learned about Unitarian Universalism. When I learned what the UU principles are I knew this was the church I belonged in. The connection I felt with the people I met reinforced that belief. The friendships I've subsequently made and the activities I've been involved in have reinforced all that I first felt during my first visit.


Member since 2010

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