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Bathroom Signs - In case you are wondering.


"PCUUC celebrates gender diversity.  You are welcome to use the restroom of your choice." As a welcoming congregation we are committed to ensuring people of no/all genders feel comfortable in our building.




I am delighted to inform you the Prairie Circle Unitarian Universalist Congregation’s application to become recognized as a Welcoming Congregation has been APPROVED! Sincere congratulations on taking this powerful step, doing the collective work to educate one another on LGBTQ+ issues, and committing together to ongoing ministry to the queer community in and beyond the Grayslake, IL.

It is so delightful to learn of the breadth of work you have done to commit to becoming a Welcoming Congregation as outlined in our Welcoming Congregations Guidelines and Action Steps. You have been faithful in appropriating the framework and applying them to PCUUC’s education, congregational life, and community outreach.

I most appreciate your incorporation of transgender and non-binary inclusion into your congregational life and religious education. Hosting the Transgender 101 class and working with your women’s and men’s fellowship groups to develop more gender-inclusive language that affirm that all genders are welcome are beautiful expressions of Welcome in a culture resistance to trans inclusion. Furthermore, your fifth Sunday contribution to Trans Religious Professional UUs Together (TRUUsT) will insure that trans and non-binary ministers are supported in there callings and sacred contribution to Unitarian Universalism.   


As you move forward as a Welcoming Congregation, I encourage you to commit to renewing your welcome annually via the new The Five Practices of Welcome Renewal. For more information, please visit The Five Practices of Welcome Renewal, subscribe to the quarterly UPLIFT newsletter, and read the UPLIFT blog. We also invite you to join the new Welcoming Congregations of Unitarian Universalism Facebook Group and follow UPLIFT Twitter and Instagram @uua_lgbtq. 

You can expect to receive two newly designed Welcoming Congregation posters in the mail. In the meantime, you have approval to use the attached new Welcoming Congregation logo on your website and other materials. 

Thanks again for your congregation’s life-giving, essential work! 

With appreciation,


Rev. Michael J. Crumpler  |  LGBTQ and Multicultural Programs Director  |  Ministries and Faith Development

From the Trans 101 class held previously at PCUUC.

If you were not able to attend either session, you may want to view a UUA webinar of similar content here: Transgender Identity and Inclusion Webinar.

Key content covered includes:

  • Various aspects of gender, including gender identity, gender expression, and biological sex, as separate from sexual and romantic attraction/orientation

  • The range of identities along all aspects of gender; gender is not binary!

  • Challenges and discrimination faced by the LGBTQ community, and the impact of intersecting identities

  • What we can do as a UU community to create a welcoming environment for LGBTQ people.

Links to the handouts: 

Not everyone identifies with binary and assumed gender pronouns of he/him or she/her. An increasingly common alternative among individuals who don't identify as exclusively male or female is the singular "they." We're accustomed to using they/them pronouns when referring to a person in a non-gender specific way. Use of pronouns is a way to acknowledge and respect a person's identity. We should never assume a person's pronouns. Nor should we single out certain individuals to ask about pronouns. To create a more inclusive environment for everyone at PCUUC, we invite all members and visitors to use pronoun stickers on their name tags available on Sundays in the back.

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