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About Sunday Services at 9am

Worship services are the cornerstone of Prairie Circle Unitarian Universalist Congregation. Services are offered every Sunday at 9am in person in the Colby Barn and also on Zoom. We typically offer a virtual service every second Sunday. Please see the homepage of our website for information about the upcoming service.


Service info can also be found in our Thursday email newsletter (the eWeekly); in addition, a service reminder email is sent on Friday mornings. If you wish to join us and are new to PCUUC or reconnecting, email for assistance.

The mission of Worship at PCUUC is to provide services that are inspirational, intellectually challenging, and in keeping with the 7 Unitarian Universalist principles.


Great worship services affect our hearts, minds, and hands -- they move us emotionally, teach us, and inspire us to take action. Although we are all touched by different experiences, PCUUC strives to offer an assortment of worship experiences that appeal to the range of personalities within our congregation, and across a range of theological perspectives.

Service Description

PCUUC, currently a lay-led congregation, provides services offered by members, academics, guest ministers from various Unitarian Universalist churches, the local UU seminary and theological professionals from other faiths. They utilize their skills and viewpoints to speak to social, spiritual, and religious topics. Recent speakers include members of the congregation, an art therapist, and two UU ministers. Speakers address spiritual implications of topics for the individual and the community.

Strengthening our UU values and assuring that these values are passed on to the next generation are some of the benefits families receive from attending church together. Below you will learn about 2 different services we offer at PCUUC to strengthen our families and our values.

Multi-generational Services are held once a month (usually the 1st Sunday) and we welcome our children to participate in the service. These special services are a time for us to reflect on the important role young people play in our congregation -- that we learn from them just as they learn from us. We are grateful for their energy, their enthusiasm and the way they see the world. There are no religious education classes on these days. Busy bags and activities are available for children on the back table.

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