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At Prairie Circle Unitarian Universalist Congregation (PCUUC), we offer a safe and supportive environment for your child to explore life and all of its facets. The children are supported by, and are an integral part of, a spiritual community that helps them define their own moral compass.

We believe in introducing ideas to youth, not indoctrinating them. We introduce ideas before ideologies, and allow them to find what resonates with them as individuals. We offer a space for children to build a spiritual foundation for themselves.


Our program emphasizes:

  • Building healthy relationships with one another

  • The importance of community

  • The interdependence of all life

  • World and neighboring faiths

  • Social justice

Our Program

Our Children's Religious Education (CRE) classes take place on Sunday mornings concurrent with the adult services. The CRE Program provides a weekly religious education experience that takes place in a safe environment. We recognize each child as special and worthy of respect and dignity. We support each child in their individual spiritual journey through the use of Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) resources such as books, singing, art, and discussion.​

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The Nursery

ages birth to until the Sunday before they turn 3

The Nursery provides a safe and welcoming space for parents and guardians to leave their young children during Sunday morning services. Located in the Charter School, it is open from 8:45am to 10:30am. Parents can attend services with the peace of mind that their children are being cared for by trained professionals.

The children ages 3 and older begin in service at 9:00am with their parents or guardians. After the "Story for All Ages" portion of the service (approximately 9:30am) children will head to their classes with their teachers. Adults pick up their children when the program ends at 10:30am.

Art Class

Primary Class

Ages 3-5

Children's Race

Older Kids Class

Ages 5+

Image by Melissa Askew

Adolescent Program

Ages 10-17

Second Sundays

The second Sundays of each month are virtual for both the adult services and children's programs. On virtual Sundays we have 1 lesson that is taught for all ages (ages 3 and older). Supply bags will be delivered to the porch of each family registered for an online lesson which includes short, active, experiential small group activities to build relationships and remain engaging. Our Adolescent students have a lesson that is mainly discussion based and they receive an art notebook to keep at home for any drawing, activities or to take note.

Our Children's Religious Education program uses the Soul Matters curricula. Soul Matters uses monthly themes that can be used in both the adult services as well as the children's programs and was built around the idea of bringing coherence to church life. This will allow what we learn in service to flow into our CRE lessons, and what we learn in our CRE lessons will set up a flow into their home life. We are excited to continue Soul Matters monthly themes.

The monthly themes for 2023-2024 are: 

  • September – Belonging

  • October – Courage

  • November – Change

  • December – Wonder

  • January – Finding our Center

  • February – Love

  • March – Vulnerability

  • April – Resistance

  • May – Creativity

  • June – Delight

Our Curriculum

Current Religious Education Families

If your child is currently not participating in the Children's Religious Education (CRE) program and you wish form them to,

please use the Registration Form button below. Annual registration is required of all families to ensure information is both up to date and provide planning information for the CRE Team.  It's easy, it's online.

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Jennifer Weigand

Director of Religious Education

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Sam Smith

Primary CRE Teacher


Linda Bowser

Nursery Coordinator

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