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Rev. Tony Larsen


Getting the Hell

Out of Religion

Sometimes we UU's emphasize the Unitarian side of our history, when the Universalist side is in some ways more interesting and even radical. September 30th will be the 250th anniversary of the founding of Universalism in America! So we will celebrate the sesquicentennial anniversary on the Sunday before. Tony's sermon will focus on what John Murray and other Universalist forebears believed and did, what "miracles" convinced them they were right, why universal salvation is still such a controversial idea, and what can Universalism mean for some of us today?


Rev. Dr. Tony Larsen recently retired from ministering at Olympia Brown UU Church in Racine, Wisconsin (after 42 years--a record!). Tony studied to be a Catholic priest before he switched to the UU ministry and has written a book entitled "Trust Yourself: You Have the Power" (Impact Publishers, 1979); authored a UUA curriculum called "A Catechism for Unitarian Universalists" (1988); and contributed chapters to 2 Skinner House books, "Salted With Fire" and "Everyday Spiritual Practice."

Service Leader: Janean Friedman

RE begins at 11am

Anne Risso


Listening as a Practice of Accountability

My talk will offer a reflection on the importance of active and deep listening as a practice of accountability for the ways we may cause and/or be complicit in harm produced by interlocking systems of oppression and domination. Through personal storytelling and reflection, I will offer an approach to taking accountability for harm in an effort to promote healing, justice and transformation.

Ann Russo is the Director of the Women's Center and a Professor in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at DePaul University. Her scholarship, teaching, and organizing focus on queer, antiracist, and feminist movement building to end violence through alliances and coalitions for social change. Her most recent book Feminist Accountability: Disrupting Violence and Transforming Power explores transformative justice, prison abolition, and community accountability as practices that cultivate communal healing, intervention, accountability and transformation in response to systemic oppression and violence.

Service Leader: Mary Honegger

RE begins at 11am

David Bozek


Perspectives: Thought and In-Depth Understanding

David is a decorated Vietnam Combat Medic, currently serving as a Deputy Registrar in Lake County as well as an Election Judge. He is the Headmaster in the kitchen when we are occupying the Barn for Services, and leads a team of helpers for our weekly set-up and clean-up.

Service Leader: Jim Whitton

RE begins at 11am

Recorded Sermons -  When a speaker provides permission, the recorded sermon is provided on Mondays and will be noted as "Sermon Title - Recording".  They can be accessed by clicking on the sermon title. In some cases, the speaker provides the sermon text and that too is provided and linked to "Sermon Text".


Mike Honegger 9.20.20 

It's Time For Us to Atone

Dr. Rev. Nicole C. Kirk 9.13.20 

Becoming Spiritually Grounded

Elizabeth Keats  9.6.20 

Love or Fear: Two Bears, Two Boys and a Beach.

Steve King  8.30.20 (NA)

My Journey to a HBCU

Matthew Pargeter-Villarreal 8.23.20

What Calls You Forward?

Jim Whitton 8.20.20

What I am Learning Now That I Finally Realize I Don't Know Anything

Linda Stolz 8.9.20


Jeanne Bishop 8.2.20

Across the Divide: The Transforming Power of Forgiveness & Reconciliation

Philip Chard 7.26.20

Existential Angst: Facing One's Demons in an Uncertain World

Dr. Rev. Nicole C. Kirk 7.19.20

Give Sorrow Words

Peighton Carter 7.12.20

Inclusion, Accessibility and Disabilities

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