February Worship - Beloved Community
February’s theme explores Beloved Community. What does it mean for our congregation to be a people of beloved community? We will hear from the UU Prison Ministry of Illinois, about building youth leadership from The Peace Exchange, and from familiar ministers reflecting on othering, belonging, and true love. What are our hopes for our faith, our congregation and ourselves? Martin Luther King spoke of Beloved Community as a society that is based on justice and love of one's fellow human beings. Come be part of our virtual community. We will sing “from you I receive, to you I give” and hymns about building bridges, love guiding us, and celebrating all of the colors. “Come build a land…where justice shall roll down like waters, and peace an ever-flowing stream.” Come explore our beloved community.
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Upcoming Services

Rev. Darrick Jackson


Othering and Belonging

Rev. Darrick will share some of his experiences of othering and belonging as a person of color in Unitarian Universalism and some of his hopes for our faith in light of the recommendations from the UUA Commission on Institutional Change.


The Rev. Darrick Jackson is the Director of Ministries for Lifelong Learning of UU Ministers Association and an Affiliated Community Minister with Second Unitarian Church of Chicago. He is one of the authors in the book “Centering: Navigating Race, Authenticity and Power in Ministry.” Darrick is active in DRUUMM (the UU ministry for people of color). He is also the treasurer and Workshop Leader for Healing Moments (a ministry for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s). In his free time, Darrick likes to knit and to be involved in theatre. He is married to James Olson, a United Church of Christ minister, and lives with their two cats, Merlin and Morgana.

Service Leader: Janean Friedman

RE today at 11am & 7pm Jennifer Weigand Dre@prairiecircleuuc.org

Cathy Moon


Antiracism as a Spiritual Practice

Following the murder of George Floyd, countless universities, businesses and organizations, and churches made public commitments to anti-racism. But how are impassioned commitments made actionable and sustainable in daily life? How do we guard against whiteness holding sway? This homily will explore the development of anti-heroic, socially conscious, spiritually grounded, collective, and yes—even joyous—antiracism practice.


Cathy Moon is a Professor of art therapy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an author, artist, and poet. She is on PCUUC’s Worship Committee and is the coordinator of the congregation’s Anti-Racism Working Group. Her lifelong commitment to antiracism began in earnest in high school, after her “Everyone is the same in God’s eyes” mom freaked out when she learned that Cathy was going on a second date with a young Black man.


Service Leader: Jim Whitton

RE today at 11am & 7pm Jennifer Weigand Dre@prairiecircleuuc.org

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