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FAQ's - added as asked.

Q.  Where can I mail my donation for       the shared basket, pledge                 payment or pledge commitment?

A.  We have a mailbox that continues

     to be picked up. 

     PCUUC P.O. Box 858

     Grayslake, IL 60030

Q.  How will we know services are


A.  We'll send an email and let you

     know as we did so for March's


Q.  Is there a tool to meet         


A.  Yesl, we have a FreeConference 

    Call account for those interested. 

    The office can share that info.

Curious as to what is happening at PCUUC?  The OOS and eWeekly both highlight events and meetings in the next week or two. Take home the announcement page each week for an easy reference.


The full calendar is available above by clicking on the calendar image, using the link on the eWeekly or accessing thru the top tab Community Life.

Note: March Gatherings have been suspended.

Monthly Meetings/Gatherings

  • Social Justice Meeting - 1st Sunday following service

  • Welcoming Congregation - 2nd Sunday following service

  • PCUUC Board - 2nd Tuesday of the month

  • Book Club - 4th Thursday

  • Men's Fellowship - 3rd Tuesday

  • Prairie Women - 3rd Monday

  • PCUUC Board - 2nd Tuesday


September 4th - May

Wednesday Weekly Rehearsals

Sunday Service - 2x a month

Weather or Facility

Cancellation Process

There is a process for determining cancellation of any service which includes a representative from the Board, Worship and Grayslake.  A discussion, if needed, would commence Saturday evening and a decision made no later than Sunday morning prior to 6am.  There is a phone tree, text alert, and Facebook post to indicate a cancellation. An email reminder of the process generally will be distributed to the key people.  Of course, no matter the decision, each person should determine what is right for themselves - your safety is most important. 

PCUUC March Services

and Events Suspended

Friday Morning 3.13.20 email:


In consideration of advice from Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, UUA President, fellow local UU Congregations CUUC, NSUC, TOLUUC, and the ever-changing news information, the PCUUC Board has made the difficult decision to suspend PCUUC services and gatherings as of March 13, 2020, and will continue until April 1, 2020.  Church leadership will reassess these measures at that point and be in touch with the community.

From Rev. Frederick-Gray:

We believe it is our moral obligation to follow the guidance of health professionals who recommend early action even before cases have been confirmed in an area because it is most important to protect public health and the most vulnerable people in our communities. This moment indeed reminds us of the interconnected web of which we are all a part. It also reminds us of our responsibility as religious communities to be mindful of our need to care for our whole community.

We are following our Cancellation Procedure and contacting all involved.  PCUUC is unique in that we already operate on a remote work basis.  The Board decided to honor our commitments to our paid staff and speakers whether services are held or not.

Additional information known at this time:

  • March hosts for Prairie Women and Men's Fellowship will be April's Hosts on the 20th and 21st respectively.

  • Choir is suspended until April 1st and will resume pending conditions.

  • Book Club will meet in April at the already scheduled host's: Laura's.


Thank you for understanding this was a difficult decision to make as Sundays fuel us for the week.  We’ll be in touch. Contact the office or the Board as questions arise.

The Board

March Shared Basket - UUME

Guided by our UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST principles, we see ourselves as one thread in a single fabric of all existence. We embrace nature’s beauty and are in awe of its power. We have a responsibility to care for our home and stand together with those most affected by pollution, environmental destruction, increasingly severe natural disasters, and other impacts of climate change.


From World Water Day to Earth Day (March 22 to April 22), Unitarian Universalists and other people of faith and conscience take action to build resistance to climate change and add our moral voices to the movement for climate justice.


During the first 4 weeks of March 50% of all non-pledge contributions will go to UU Ministry of the Earth. If you choose to write a check, please indicate on the memo line your intent for your donation. For example: UUME will support that cause in full, SPLIT will be split between UUME & PCUUC, a blank memo line is applied in full to PCUUC, etc. Envelopes are by the front entrance for cash donations.


PCUUC Services

1561 Jones Point Road

Grayslake, IL 60030







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